Details on Mayama Rika’s solo debut single revealed

The details on Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku member Mayama Rika’s solo debut single “Liar Mask” has been revealed.

The title track “Liar Mask” was picked up as the opening theme for the tv anime ‘Akame ga Kill!’. As the coupling song, the single will include “Shinkirou” composed and arranged by Kitagawa Katsutoshi (ROUND TABLE). “Shinkirou” is a ballad that was written in the image of ‘Akame ga Kill!’ characters Tatsumi and Mine, which was an idea proposed by Mayama.

The single will be available for purchase in 3 different versions: Limited Edition, Limited Time Edition, and Regular Edition. The Limited Edition DVD will contain the PV and making-of footage for “Liar Mask” as well as a documentary from Mayama’s solo debut announcement in September. Meanwhile, the Limited Time Edition DVD will contain the non-credit opening footage from ‘Akame ga Kill!’ and an interview between Mayama and the staff of anime song magazine ‘Lisani!’.


[Limited Edition]

[Regular Edition]


[Track List]

Limited Edition/Regular Edition CD:
01. Liar Mask
02. Shinkirou
03. Liar Mask instrumental

Limited Time Edition CD:
01. Liar Mask
02. Shinkirou
03. Liar Mask anime size
04. Liar Mask instrumental

Limited Edition DVD:
・Making of Liar Mask
・2014.9.1 Mayama Rika ga Debut Surprise DAY Documentary

Limited Time Edition DVD:
・TV Anime「Akame ga Kill!」Non-credit Opening Footage
・Interview by「Lisani!」

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VAMPS to release new album ‘BLOODSUCKERS’ just in time for Halloween


It’s been revealed that VAMPS will release a new album, titled ‘BLOODSUCKERS’, on October 29.

This comes around 4 years and 3 months since VAMPS released their last album “BEAST” in July of 2010. Their 3rd original album will include a total of 13 songs such as their already released singles “AHEAD”, “REPLAY”, “GET AWAY”, and “THE JOLLY ROGER”, and a Japanese version of “VAMPIRE’S LOVE”.

The album will come in Limited Edition A with Blu-ray, Limited Edition B with various goods, and Regular Edition with SHM-CD. It is titled “BLOODSUCKERS” because it is a nickname that VAMPS use to call their fans.

VAMPS will once again be carrying out their project “VAMPS CHANCE” with this album. They will prepare 3 courses for 666 lucky fans. The courses are ‘Private Live Course’,
‘Sign Session Course’, and ‘Premium DVD Course’. The application method will be announced at a later date.


・VAMPIRE’S LOVE (Japanese Ver.)
Total of 13 songs

Limited Edition A Blu-ray:
・AHEAD – Music Video –
・REPLAY – Music Video –
・GET AWAY – Music Video –
・THE JOLLY ROGER – Music Video –
・VAMPIRE’S LOVE – Music Video – (Japanese Ver.)

VAMPS reveal jacket covers and track list for ‘VAMPIRE’S LOVE’


VAMPS has revealed the jacket cover and track list for their upcoming single “VAMPIRE’S LOVE” that’s scheduled for release on October 8.

“VAMPIRE’S LOVE” will be used as the image song for the Japanese version of the movie ‘Dracula ZERO” (October 31 release). It will be available for purchase in 3 different versions: Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, and Regular Edition. Each version comes with a different jacket cover illustrated by Kashima whom HYDE (Vo, G) had his eyes on for some time.

As the coupling tracks, Limited Edition A and Regular Edition will include a piano version and Kevin Breton’s remix of “VAMPIRE’S LOVE”. In addition, Limited Edition A will come with a DVD containing the PV produced by Nikai Ken and its making video, while Limited Edition B will enclose a story book that is linked closely to the PV.

[Limited Edition A]

・VAMPIRE’S LOVE – Piano Ver. –
・VAMPIRE’S LOVE – Kevin Breton Remix –

[Limited Edition B]

・VAMPIRE’S LOVE – Piano Ver. –
・VAMPIRE’S LOVE – Instrumental –

[Regular Edition]

・VAMPIRE’S LOVE – Piano Ver. –
・VAMPIRE’S LOVE – Kevin Breton Remix –

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Kana Nishino Launches Line Of Halloween Products


Kana Nashino launched her own line of Halloween products on September 5th, calling it the “HALLOWEEN COLLECTION STORE”.

The online store features a variety Halloween-themed products produced by Nishino herself. Clothing, knick-knacks and make up are all part of the collection.

On October 26 & 27, Nishino will be holding a series of live concerts at the Tokyo International Forum Hall. The concerts will have a Halloween theme to tie in with her Halloween collection.


flumpool to hold school festival tour & fan club tour


flumpool will hold a school festival tour called ‘Just My Broken’roll Tour’ this fall. In addition, they will hold a fan club tour in December.

This will be flumpool’s first time to hold a school festival tour. It will kick off on October 11 at Kawasaki Gakuen in Okayama, and they are scheduled to participate in a total of 10 school festivals.

Meanwhile, the fan club tour will start on December 2 at OSAKA MUSE, where the band was based during their indie’s era. For this tour, they will hold 10 shows across Japan.

Check out the tour schedule below.

[Just My Broken’roll Tour]

Saturday, October 11 – Kawasaki Gakuen (Okayama)
Sunday, October 12 – Hiroshima Joshi Gakuin Daigaku (Hiroshima)
Saturday, October 18 – Osaka Gakuin Daigaku (Osaka)
Sunday, October 19 – Kanazawa Gakuin Daigaku (Ishikawa)
Sunday, October 26 – Kyushi Kyouritsu Daigaku (Fukuoka)
Saturday, November 1 – Ritsumeikan Daigaku (Shiga)
Sunday, November 2 – Minamiyama Daigaku Nagoya Campus (Aichi)
Saturday, November 8 – Keio Gijuku Daigaku Hiyoshi Campus (Kanagawa)
Sunday, November 9 – Showa Joshi Daigaku (Tokyo)
Sunday, November 23 – Kounan Daigaku Okamoto Campus (Hyogo)


[flumpool fan club tour]

Tuesday, December 2 – OSAKA MUSE (Osaka)
Thursday, December 4 – BIGCAT (Osaka)
Tuesday, December 8 – TSUTAYA O-EAST (Tokyo)
Wednesday, December 9 – TSUTAYA O-EAST (Tokyo)
Friday, December 12 – Sapporo PENNY LANE24 (Hokkaido)
Sunday, December 14 – Rensa (Miyagi)
Tuesday, December 16 – DIAMOND HALL (Aichi)
Thursday, December 18 – DRUM LOGOS (Fukuoka)
Monday, December 22 – Yokohama Landmark Hall (Kanagawa)
Tuesday, December 23 – Yokohama Landmark Hall (Kanagawa)

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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Twitter was hacked by…?


Model and singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (21) announced on June 24 that her Twitter had been hacked. She found account activities that were not from her and thought, “What on earth is this.”

Just when she was getting worried that her account had been hacked, the culprit was found. She announced, “It was my dad who knows my Twitter password. Sometimes he would randomly toy with my account. Sorry for the commotion.” She then uploaded a LINE conversation with her dad, “Dad, don’t touch my Twitter account!” but seemed happy with the relationship she has with her family members.

As for why her father would have access to her Twitter password, it turns out that it was left behind when she once logged in to Twitter on her Dad’s cellphone. Kyary said, “It happened before when my account also replied to reblogs on its own! I scolded him!” speaking of the previous time her father had “hacked” her Twitter account.

This time it seems like he was also told off harshly by his daughter to log out of her Twitter account.


Source : TokyoHive