[PICS] Early 20th century women torturing themselves for beauty

In the name of beauty and fashion, women will jump through some extreme hoops, and always have. Throughout history, the quest for beauty and status has taken on many different forms, ranging from corsets, teeth blackening (ohaguro), foot binding and rubbing arsenic on the face to achieve the kind of aristocratic pale complexion which meant you had never seen a day’s work outside in the sun. These days, it’s Brazilian waxes, eyebrow threading, ridiculous high heels and either fake tan or whitening. Let’s not even get started on the surgical procedures you can now undergo to become an idealized identikit Barbie! At the dentist recently, I was offered Botox or collagen lip filler. Well, if you’re getting stuff injected into your face already, why not

beauty16 beauty11 beauty13 beauty6 beauty9 beauty12 beauty4 beauty7 beauty8 beauty10 beauty15 beauty5 beauty1 beauty3 beauty17 beauty14 beauty2

Wow, those do look painful and unnatural. I believe the best beauty treatments ever invented are a good night’s sleep, an intense workout and eating your veggies. But I’d also submit to a spa escape with exfoliation, relaxation massage, mud wrap and mani-pedi.

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[PICS] Girls wrapped up in sushi?

Called Mōsō Onēsan no Sushiya-san, or The Daydreaming Girl’s Sushi Restaurant, this is a unique range of gacha capsule toys set to hit the market from 26 January. While the concept may seem a little mind-boggling, the series was actually designed by a well-known manga artist called Toshinao Aoki, whose illustrations have finally come to life in 3-D form.


sushi-girl-11 sushi-girl-11 sushi-girl-41 sushi-girl-31 sushi-girl-211 sushi-girl-21 sushi-girl-51

At 200 yen (US$1.69) a pop, these make great souvenirs to shock or delight friends and family back home. It’s time to start stockpiling those hundred yen coins for a trip out to the capsule machine!

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[PICS] In the name of the moon, I will marry you! Couple holds awesome Sailor Moon wedding in L.A.

An American couple that seems to love Sailor Moon almost as much as they love each other took their vows, and not only are the outfits they wore for their ceremony the classiest cosplay we’ve seen in a long time, they’re just the beginning of the wedding’s many elegantly beautiful anime-inspired touches.

The bride, Michelle Nguyen, is a professional event planner who also has experience working in the wedding and hotel industry. So when she and her fiancé decided to tie the knot, of course Nguyen was going to play an active role in coordinating her own wedding. Right away, the self-professed otaku knew just what the theme should be: Sailor Moon.

▼ Sailor Moon’s Crescent Moon Wand can be seen in the lace pattern on the back of Nguyen’s gown.


sw-2 sw-4 sw-6 sw-7 sw-8 sw-12 sw-10 sw-9 sw-3

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[PICS] Hiro from Big Hero 6 comes alive!

How is your cosplay so perfect…?” “How did you escape from the movie screen?!” “Are you ACTUALLY Hiro?”

For Filipino artist and self-confessed “cosplay dork” Jin, questions like these are a regular occurrence. Already an internationally recognised cosplayer, when promo images for Big Hero 6 were released last year, Jin began to get messages from fans pointing out an uncanny resemblance to the film’s central protagonist Hiro Hamada. Which is pretty interesting, seeing Big Hero 6 is a Disney movie and Hiro is, of course, computer-animated.

Intrigued, Jin tried it out – and has been cosplaying Hiro ever since. Fast-forward a few months and Jin and friends continue to produce incredibly realistic, beautifully produced photos of cosplayed Big Hero 6 scenes. Join us after the jump as we take a look!

Without further do, let’s take a look! 😀

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[PICS] Cat Selfies from Japan

The cats have had it! After years of unsolicited fame, being victims to candid shots and paparazzi invading their space, they want to take some control over the pictures that their owners post on the Internet. And so the “cat selfie” is born.

While most cats don’t have smartphones or fingers, without which they can’t take pictures of themselves (although new technology is changing that…), cats around Japan have started posing for their owner’s cameras in such a way that it seems like they have been watching over your shoulder as you click through countless profile pictures on Facebook. They are becoming selfie pros. It’s adorable and we love it.

So, let’s check it out

cat11 cat8 cat6 cat10 cat3 cat12  cat3 cat10 cat1 cat15 cat10 cat3 cat4-1 cat1


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[PICS] Self-taught Singaporean artist creates unbelievably realistic art on plywood

Can you tell which one is real and which one is a creation of colored pencils, pastels and ink? If not for a tiny bit hanging off the edge of the wood, Can you tell which one is real and which one is a creation of colored pencils, pastels and ink? If not for a tiny bit hanging off the edge of the wood,

Let’s check out some of his works


ivan-hoo-realistic-drawings-on-wood-6-730x560 ivan-hoo-realistic-drawings-on-wood-1-600x512 ivan-hoo-realistic-drawings-on-wood-4-730x530 ivan-hoo-realistic-drawings-on-wood-3-730x547 ivan-hoo-realistic-drawings-on-wood-8-730x507 ivan-hoo-realistic-drawings-on-wood-9-730x547 ivan-hoo-realistic-drawings-on-wood-2-730x569 ivan-hoo-realistic-drawings-on-wood-5-730x668 ivan-hoo-realistic-drawings-on-wood-7-730x570

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