Sebastiano Serafini – Never Walk Alone

10 facts about Sebastiano Serafini’s 2nd single:

1) The title of the song is [NEVER WALK ALONE].

2) It will be released on Friday, December 19th.

3) The cover photo was taken by Australian photographer Fabian Parkes who regularly works with major fashion magazines in Japan such as Nylon and Vogue.

4) The song will be released with a music video directed by Mitsuhiro Higuchi who also directed the video for [FALLEN RE/MIX].

5) In the music video and cover, Sebastiano Serafini is styled by fashion director Misha Janette. Misha said “The song was strong but also mysterious so Sebastiano is dressed in a myriad of layers, each one he sheds reveals yet another side to the song’s story. The brand he wears is Ato, a Japanese menswear brand that is revered for its sharp tailoring and mix of a modern sporty taste with refined suits. Boots by Y3 round out the image; you can’t tell if he’s a good guy or has something more sinister in mind” (Misha Janette).

6) Motoki Imota, teacher at the prestigious Vantan School and make-up artist for the J-rock band Nightmare is the make-up artist for this project. Motoki commented on the video production saying “It was fun shooting around Harajuku and it was a very beautiful day. The hairstyle and makeup used for the video was simple but stylish.”

7) Japanese producer, beatmaker, and DJ Dubby Bunny is currently making a remix of this track.

8) Scenes for the music video were shot in a variety of popular districts including Takadanobaba, Yoyogi, Harajuku and Omotesando.

9) The song was recorded and produced by Oliver DeVille, German producer, songwriter, and 5-time winner of the German Rock and Pop Prize. Oliver describes the song as pop with a hardcore/dub riff and a touch of country. “It’s a sweet country mood combined with an aggressive dub/hardcore approach” (Oliver DeVille).

10) “The concept behind the lyrics is that, in my opinion, people should never walk alone in life. Whether they’re walking with a friend or relative, people need to feel companionship. We build our lives around others in order to find the perfect one who is willing to walk with us and make us feel complete” (Sebastiano Serafini).

Text: Matthew Whetstone
Photos are courtesy of Sebastiano Serafini

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Sebastiano Serafini – Fallen

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Interview with Sebastiano Serafini

sebastiano_serafini_seba_model_musician_2014 (10)

For those who may not already be aware, would you mind introducing yourself and sharing a little bit of your background?
My name is Sebastiano Serafini. I’m a model and musician currently living in Tokyo, Japan.
How did you get into singing and modeling? Were they something you always wanted to do?
I was scouted in Milan, Italy at the age of 15. Since then I’ve had opportunities to work around the world in many countries including: Japan, Taiwan, Korea, France, China, Thailand, USA and several others. I’ve always loved singing and I started learning piano at a very young age. I was just having fun with music and getting my photos taken, but I would never have expected this would be my full-time job one day.

You have two very busy careers as both a singer and fashion model. What is the biggest challenge in balancing two demanding careers?
I try to mix elements from both worlds even when I’m singing. It’s challenging but rewarding.

What are some of your favorite things about being a singer?
What I love the most is that I can express my emotions which allows me to reach many people who might live in different countries and speak different languages.

What are some of your favorite things about being a fashion model?
It’s always great that I get to collaborate with fantastic photographers, designers, stylists, as well as hair and make-up artists. It’s a very creative world!

Your career puts you into contact with a number of other talented artists. Who are some of the musicians, designers, and other unique people you’ve had the opportunity to work with?
There are so many talented artists that I’ve been working with over the years that it isn’t easy for me to list them all. I can share the names of many of my friends who are involved in helping create my newest album: AOI (Shazna), Yukimi (ex Unite), Yuki (liraizo), Nimo (ACE), Kizasi, Misha Janette, Hikaru Cho, Mitsuhiro Higuchi, Si Oux, minori, amihamu, dubby bunny and more.

You recently released your first single. Could you tell us more about it?
Sure. My debut single “Fallen” was released on Friday, November 7th. It was recorded in Europe with German producer Oliver DeVille. Fallen mixes pop with hardcore elements & dub-step to create a blend of music never heard before. It’s a unique sound that will surprise many listeners. Fallen debuted number one on the German pop iTunes Chart and will also be used on the soundtrack for the television series Columns. A J-pop Remix of the song will be released in the following weeks.

Despite having such a busy lifestyle, you always make time for your fans. What’s your secret to balancing it all without it overwhelming you?
I guess to me I always feel so honored to have all these great fans who are trying their best to support me. Making time for them is giving me more energy to keep doing what I’m doing and it helps me express my gratitude for their continued support. Knowing that what I do inspires people is actually what inspires me every day.

What would you say have been the major contributing factors to your success?
Being true to myself and having friends who support me. Also, keeping an open mind and never being afraid to try new things.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
In 10 years? Maybe on the moon? Seriously, I like to live my life day-by-day, without thinking too much about the future. I try to do be the best I can and enjoy what life is giving me.

Any special messages you want to share with your fans?
Thank you always for your support and I really hope I can visit you all one day!


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sebastiano_serafini_seba_model_musician_2014 (8)

sebastiano_serafini_seba_model_musician_2014 (9)

sebastiano_serafini_seba_model_musician_2014 (11)

Photos courtesy of Sebastiano Serafini.

Interview by Matthew Whetstone.

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Artist line up for VAMPS’ ‘HALLOWEEN PARTY’ revealed


The artist line up for VAMPS’ annual Halloween live event ‘HALLOWEEN PARTY’ has been revealed.

This year, the event will be held over a period of 5 days from October 17 to 19 at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition 9~11 Hall, then on October 25 and 26 at World Memorial Hall. All dates will feature performances by VAMPS and DAIGO. Other guest artists include Momoiro Clover Z, Kishidan, SID, Tommy heavenly6, May J., Nogizaka46, MUCC, Silent Siren, and Golden Bomber. In addition, VAMPS’ special band HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA will be performing at all shows.

Ticket pre-reservations will take place from September 11 to 15 via VAMPS’ fan club ‘VAMPADDICT’, as well as participating artists’ official websites. After that, ticket pre-reservations will be available via HYDE’s mobile site ‘HYDERoom’ and Ticket Pia.



Friday, October 17 – Makuhari Messe International Exhibition 9~11 Hall (Chiba)
VAMPS / DAIGO / Momoiro Clover Z / Kishidan

Saturday, October 18 – Makuhari Messe International Exhibition 9~11 Hall (Chiba)
VAMPS / DAIGO / Tommy heavenly6 / May J.

Sunday, October 19 – Makuhari Messe International Exhibition 9~11 Hall (Chiba)
VAMPS / DAIGO / SID / Nogizaka46

Saturday, October 25 – World Memorial Hall (Hyogo)
VAMPS / DAIGO / MUCC / Silent Siren

Sunday, October 26 – World Memorial Hall (Hyogo)
VAMPS / DAIGO / Golden Bomber

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[PICS] These beautiful temple gardens are only 15 minutes from Narita Airport

For many visitors to Japan, their image of the city of Narita begins and ends with Narita International Airport. As such, most people plan their itineraries with the goal of spending as little time in the town as possible, unless they’re the type of odd sorts who just can’t get enough of waiting in airline check-in or customs lines.

In their rush to get into Tokyo or back home as soon as possible, though, they’re missing out on one of eastern Japan’s most visually impressive temples, Naritasan Shinshoji and its attached gardens.

Downtown Tokyo does have two cultural landmarks of its own in Asakusa’s Sensoji Temple and Harajuku’s Meiji Shrine. Sensoji is often packed by the constant flow of tour groups that visit year-round, however. Meiji Shrine isn’t as crowded, but its location, just a few minutes’ walk from the consumerist shopping meccas of Takeshitadori and Omotesando, can be jarring for those hoping for a more solemnly sacred atmosphere.

Chiba Prefecture’s Naritasan gives up nothing in size compared to Sensoji and Meiji Shrine, and stands in much more tranquil surroundings. We should point out that Naritasan does receive large numbers of visitors who come for festivities held on New Year’s Day, plus a few other religiously significant dates throughout the year. Still, when we stopped by one afternoon during Golden Week, one of Japan’s busiest vacation periods, the crowds were sparse, and after passing through the main courtyard, we often found ourselves completely alone on the garden paths.

The exact travel time varies depending on which station you set out from, but in general Naritasan is about an hour-and-a-half train ride from downtown Tokyo, which makes it an easily doable day trip for those looking to get out of the capital for a while. It’s also only a 15-minute ride from Narita Airport, which means that not only can you swing by on the same day you’re scheduled to fly into or out of Japan, you could even squeeze in a visit during a long layover at Narita Airport.






































Temple information
Naritasan Shinshoji /成田山新勝寺
Address: Chiba-ken, Narita-shi, Narita 1
Source : 24rocketnews

Star sand, in Okinawa


Stars are not only can be found in the sky, sands that formed like stars also exist. Riomote Island is a small island in Okinawa, Japan where beachgoers are usually seen crouching in the sandy areas, rather than checking sand swim in the waters.

This is because most of the beaches on the island of Iriomote-as well as some of the neighboring islands in southern Japan-containing “hoshizuna” or star-shaped sand.













Local legend states that this  sand is made of tiny offspring of the Southern Cross and the North Star, who was killed by a giant snake right after being born at sea.

But according to science, the particles are exoskeletons millions protozoan beautiful-that-sea foraminifera fossil evidence is believed to come back 550 million years ago, one of the oldest known fossil humans. And if we can get back to 550 million years ago, we would see not only a star shaped sand, but a few grains of sand will look like the image below.

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