flumpool to release their 5th anniversary tour on Blu-ray & DVD

On December 3, flumpool will release a 2-disc Blu-ray / DVD titled “flumpool 5th Anniversary tour 2014『MOMENT』<ARENA SPECIAL> at YOKOHAMA ARENA”.

The Blu-ray / DVD will include flumpool’s concerts from August 10 at Yokohama Arena and July 10 at Nagoya Congress Center, both a part of the band’s 5th anniversary tour ‘flumpool 5th Anniversary tour 2014『MOMENT』’. A special website has been launched for the Blu-ray / DVD which will feature further details. You can also check out the track list and digest video below.

[flumpool 5th Anniversary tour 2014『MOMENT』<ARENA SPECIAL> at YOKOHAMA ARENA]


01. Kakusei Identity
02. Kimi ni Todoke
03. Natsu Dive
04. Kimi wo Tsurete
05. Believer’s High
06. Zanzou
07. Donna Mirai ni mo Ai wa Aru
08. Summertime Blues
09. Hydrangea
10. Hana ni Nare
11. Tsuyoku Hakanaku
12. reboot ~Akiramenai Uta~
13. Because… I am
14. Answer
15. Hoshi ni Negai wo
16. Ii Janai?
17. Ashita e no Sanka
19. Touch
20. Taisetsu na Mono wa Kimi Igai ni Miataranakute

01. MW ~Dear Mr. & Ms. Picaresque~
02. reboot ~Akiramenai Uta~
03. Hoshi ni Negai wo
04. Believer’s High
05. Binetsu Refrain
06. two of us
07. Harukaze
08. Akashi
09. Tsuyoku Hakanaku
10. Hana ni Nare
11. Kotoshi no Sakura
12. Hydrangea
13. Because… I am
14. Answer
15. Ii Janai?
16. Kimi ni Todoke
17. Taisetsu na Mono wa Kimi Igai ni Miataranakute
18. labo
19. Ashita e no Sanka

Source : JpopAsia.com


flumpool to hold school festival tour & fan club tour


flumpool will hold a school festival tour called ‘Just My Broken’roll Tour’ this fall. In addition, they will hold a fan club tour in December.

This will be flumpool’s first time to hold a school festival tour. It will kick off on October 11 at Kawasaki Gakuen in Okayama, and they are scheduled to participate in a total of 10 school festivals.

Meanwhile, the fan club tour will start on December 2 at OSAKA MUSE, where the band was based during their indie’s era. For this tour, they will hold 10 shows across Japan.

Check out the tour schedule below.

[Just My Broken’roll Tour]

Saturday, October 11 – Kawasaki Gakuen (Okayama)
Sunday, October 12 – Hiroshima Joshi Gakuin Daigaku (Hiroshima)
Saturday, October 18 – Osaka Gakuin Daigaku (Osaka)
Sunday, October 19 – Kanazawa Gakuin Daigaku (Ishikawa)
Sunday, October 26 – Kyushi Kyouritsu Daigaku (Fukuoka)
Saturday, November 1 – Ritsumeikan Daigaku (Shiga)
Sunday, November 2 – Minamiyama Daigaku Nagoya Campus (Aichi)
Saturday, November 8 – Keio Gijuku Daigaku Hiyoshi Campus (Kanagawa)
Sunday, November 9 – Showa Joshi Daigaku (Tokyo)
Sunday, November 23 – Kounan Daigaku Okamoto Campus (Hyogo)


[flumpool fan club tour]

Tuesday, December 2 – OSAKA MUSE (Osaka)
Thursday, December 4 – BIGCAT (Osaka)
Tuesday, December 8 – TSUTAYA O-EAST (Tokyo)
Wednesday, December 9 – TSUTAYA O-EAST (Tokyo)
Friday, December 12 – Sapporo PENNY LANE24 (Hokkaido)
Sunday, December 14 – Rensa (Miyagi)
Tuesday, December 16 – DIAMOND HALL (Aichi)
Thursday, December 18 – DRUM LOGOS (Fukuoka)
Monday, December 22 – Yokohama Landmark Hall (Kanagawa)
Tuesday, December 23 – Yokohama Landmark Hall (Kanagawa)

Source : TokyoHive.com

flumpool to Provide Ending Theme for Indonesia’s Original Superhero Series


If you’re in Indonesia, be sure to tune in to RCTI TV’s “Satria Garuda BIMA-X” because flumpool will be providing the ending theme song of the series!

“Satria Garuda BIMA-X” sees close collaboration between RCTI TV and ISHIMORI Production, a production company that developed Japan’s famous Kamen Rider. The first season, “Satria Garuda BIMA” was shown in Indonesia back in June last year and became a popular phenomenon in country. This year, the show is back with a sequel titled “Satria Garuda BIMA-X” and is set to air on the same channel again from the 14th of September onwards.


Source : JpopAsia

flumpool Unveils Full Details of Music Clip Collection


Indulge in flumpool’s music while feasting your eyes on visual narratives via the band’s upcoming music clip collection. “flumpool Music Clips 2008-2014 MOVEMENT”, first announced last May, will feature 23 music videos aptly displaying flumpool’s growth as artists.

In addition, it will have the music video to their indie single “labo” and various TV spots. Encased in a special box, the music clip collection will also include 23 photo and lyric cards.

flumpool Music Clips 2008-2014 MOVEMENT
DVD:4,000yen (tax in)
Blu-ray:4,500yen (tax in)

Music videos:
01. Hana ni nare
02. Over the rain 〜 Hikari no hashi 〜
03. Harukaze
04. Hoshi ni negai wo
05. MW 〜 Dear Mr. & Ms. Picaresque 〜
06. Flame
07. Mitsumeteitai
08. Zanzō
09. Reboot 〜 akiramenai uta 〜
10. Kiminitodoke
11. Snowy Nights serenāde 〜 kokoro made mo tsunagitai 〜
12. Don’na mirai ni mo ai wa aru
13. Touch
15. Kakusei Identity
16. Because… I am
17. Answer
18. 36 ℃
19. Taisetsunamono wa kimi igai ni miataranakute
20. Tsuyoku hakanaku
21. Belief 〜 haruwomatsu-kun e 〜
22. Believer’s High
23. Ashita e no sanka

◆ 「labo」 Music Video
◆ Album TV Spot
– Unreal 15sec
– What’s flumpool!? 15sec & 30sec
– Fantasia of Life Stripe 15sec
– Fantasia of Life Stripe 〜One-time-only broadcasted TV Spot〜 30sec
– experience 15sec
– The Best 2008-2014 「MONUMENT」』15sec
◆ Tie-Up TV Spot
– au「LISMO!」TV CM 15sec
– Mobage「Song with Mobage」TV CM 30sec~5 variations~

Flumpool has revealed the short version PV of the OP TV Anime Captain Earth “Believer’s High”

Finally for flumpool fans out there, flumpool has revealed another new music video “Believer’s High”

TV Anime Captain Earth has been broadcasting since April and reached high ratings in the trenches. Flumpool write the song for the opening titled “Believer’s High” /「ビリーバーズ・ハイ」through their official Youtube channel, they already revealed the short version of the PV

So, let’s check it out~

The song will be included on flumpool’s best album, release on May 21 2014.

Source : Barks

flumpool Singapore Special Live Premium VIP ticket details is out!!!

d518_Event Detail Image(277x423)0429

As JapanAddict reported previously here, quartet band flumpool has added two cities outside Japan, to be in the list of their 5th Anniversary Tour 2014 “MOMENT” which are Singapore and Taiwan, here are details about the LIVE

Get these exclusive perks when you purchase the Premium VIP ticket!
You will be entitled to:
1. One Exclusive Autograph Poster by flumpool (extremely rare!)
2. Priority entry to the VIP area section

Terms & Conditions:
1) Autograph poster collection will be made available after the concert at the collection booth.
2) To ensure fairness to all fans, poster is limited to only 1 per person even if you have purchased multiple Premium VIP tickets.
3) All Premium VIP ticket holder will get priority entrance to the VIP area section before VIP ticket holders and GA holders. As it is a free standing concert, Premium VIP priority entrance will also be on a first-come first-serve basis
4) All Photography and filming is strictly prohibited, any photos or videos being captured, the organizer reserves the rights to delete all materials related to the performance and reserves the rights for prosecution of copyrights infringements.
5) Please kindly follow the instructions by staff at all times during the concert. The organizer reserve the rights to deny entrance or ask anyone to leave the venue if found uncooperative to the rules & regulations.
6) The Organizer reserves the rights to change the terms and conditions.

We seek your understanding to ensure the best possible entertainment experience.

Seat plan :


Ticketing :


Source : Amuse Inc Official Facebook