[PICS] Cat Selfies from Japan

The cats have had it! After years of unsolicited fame, being victims to candid shots and paparazzi invading their space, they want to take some control over the pictures that their owners post on the Internet. And so the “cat selfie” is born.

While most cats don’t have smartphones or fingers, without which they can’t take pictures of themselves (although new technology is changing that…), cats around Japan have started posing for their owner’s cameras in such a way that it seems like they have been watching over your shoulder as you click through countless profile pictures on Facebook. They are becoming selfie pros. It’s adorable and we love it.

So, let’s check it out

cat11 cat8 cat6 cat10 cat3 cat12  cat3 cat10 cat1 cat15 cat10 cat3 cat4-1 cat1


Source : 24RocketNewsCat


[PICS] “Neko nabe” – Cute cats napping in pots and pans

Anyone who has ever owned a cat will know of their fondness for boxes, pots, pans, and bags — if an object can in any way become a bed, fort, or platform to sit on, they’ll claim it. They are also, as cat owners will no doubt have noticed, at once both deceptively long animals (when they stretch out or are held vertically, they magically unfold like some kind of fur-covered extendable ladder) and yet can squeeze into some of the smallest spaces imaginable.

With that in mind, and because a) it’s the weekend and b) they’re just so cute, here’s a little selection of photos of cats making pots their own.
















Source : 24RocketNews

Attention Cat lovers, this wearable kitty blanket will steal your heart for sure!


Technically known as the Attaka-Ouchi Neko (“warm house cat”) this hooded, wearable blanket is strapped on by hooking your arms under the elastic bands and closing the soft throat cover. If you’re feeling especially feline, you can also put up the blanket’s hood, which features cat ear protrusions and is sure to get you tons of confused reactions from your cats at home – which you can then share online for instant Internet fame. Pulling a face like the model below, however, is entirely optional.


The cat blanket is intended to be worn when you’re huddled around the kotatsu – a small table with a heating unit underneath and a fabric skirt – for full body warmth during the winter.

There’s even a somewhat pointless tiny version that just sort of covers your upper back area and makes your cats think you slaughtered one of their family members and they could be next. So, yeah. Stick with the large version unless you’re especially small.


The long version of the cat blanket, which you can order here, will set you back 3,600 yen (US$36), while the small, kind of pointless version goes for just 200 yen less at 3,400 yen.

These definitely look like a great addition to your winter lounge-wear.

Source : 24rocketnews