Our Schedules


Japan Addict INA focusing everything related to Japan, such :

  • Trends
  •  Music
  • Technology
  • Drama
  • Album / Single
  • Concert
  • Celebrities (Bands, Idol, Actors/Actresses)
  • Culinary
  • News
  • Japanese Language E-learning

And therefore, we have schedules program in posting all above, here are the details :


  • News (Latest news from Japan)
  • Showbizz (Latest news from Japan Entertainment)


  • Dorama & Movie Review / synopsis
  • Album / Single Review
  • Anime / manga Review


  • Fanfic / Novel (from our contributors)
  • Japan Addict Chart (e.g : Anime / Manga, Drama, Movie, Celebrities, Band, etc)


  • Nihongo Let’sGo! (It’s a Japanese Languange e-Learning from JapanAddict)


  • Light Reading (It could be anything)
  • Quiz
  •  Zodiac


  • Culinary review (Either it’s in Japan or Indonesia)
  • Places to hang out that related to Japan Review (Either it’s in Japan or Indonesia)


  • Japan Fashion
  • Tips & Trick about anything that related to Japan
  • Japan Make Up

Well, that’s all about our post schedules, hope you guys enjoy and keep visiting our website because we always have something new and interesting things to tell about to you guys! 😉


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