Kana Nishino Launches Line Of Halloween Products


Kana Nashino launched her own line of Halloween products on September 5th, calling it the “HALLOWEEN COLLECTION STORE”.

The online store features a variety Halloween-themed products produced by Nishino herself. Clothing, knick-knacks and make up are all part of the collection.

On October 26 & 27, Nishino will be holding a series of live concerts at the Tokyo International Forum Hall. The concerts will have a Halloween theme to tie in with her Halloween collection.

You can shop the “HALLOWEEN COLLECTION STORE” at http://www.nishinoke.jp/halloweencollectionstore/

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Twitter was hacked by…?


Model and singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (21) announced on June 24 that her Twitter had been hacked. She found account activities that were not from her and thought, “What on earth is this.”

Just when she was getting worried that her account had been hacked, the culprit was found. She announced, “It was my dad who knows my Twitter password. Sometimes he would randomly toy with my account. Sorry for the commotion.” She then uploaded a LINE conversation with her dad, “Dad, don’t touch my Twitter account!” but seemed happy with the relationship she has with her family members.

As for why her father would have access to her Twitter password, it turns out that it was left behind when she once logged in to Twitter on her Dad’s cellphone. Kyary said, “It happened before when my account also replied to reblogs on its own! I scolded him!” speaking of the previous time her father had “hacked” her Twitter account.

This time it seems like he was also told off harshly by his daughter to log out of her Twitter account.


Source : TokyoHive

[PICS] The amazing makeup skills of Zawachin

“Through makeup I want to become unbelievably cute!” Hasn’t every girl had this thought at some point? In Japan there are words like “seikeikyuu meiku (cosmetic surgery-level makeup)” and countless features on makeup techniques designed to conceal problem areas. But now, the queen of makeup techniques, “Zawachin” has hit the big time.

Almost overnight, Zawachin was showered with attention for her monomane meiku (imitation makeup) which made her look exactly like popular former AKB48 member Tomomi Itano. Currently, there isn’t a day when one cannot see her on television or in magazines. Zawachin’s makeup techniques not only easily cross over the borders of “cute transformation”, but also those of ethnicity and gender, allowing her to become completely different people.






suppin taki


Originally, Zawachin’s appearance lacked distinction, with droopy double eyelids and a low nose bridge (How rude!). Which is why it’s surprising that she was able to, through the power of makeup, transform not just into a popular idol but also a world-famous top model.

There are two important points for monomane meiku: shaping the eyebrows and getting the eyelid folds to look exactly like those of the famous person. In order to do that, one must first cover up their eyebrows with concealer and then draw on new ones on top. In the case of transforming into a man with thicker, darker eyebrows, black eyelash mascara containing fibers is added. In order to create the eyelid folds, a special product called “Mezaik” is used to adjust the shape/style of the eyelids accordingly. Mezaik is a product that uses long, thin fibers that stick to the eyelid and allow one to make new folds in the skin.

Using those techniques freely, Zawachin is able to transform herself into a lot of different characters. However, her technique has one flaw; she never shows her mouth. Whenever Zawachin displays her monomane meiku, does she realize that she seems to be is always hiding her mouth using things like her hands or a surgical mask? It seems that no matter what technique she uses, changing the shape of the mouth has proven difficult.


Source : 24RocketNewsEnglish

Utada Hikaru Marries Francesco Calliano


Utada Hikaru and Francesco Calliano are officially married as their wedding ceremony in Polignano a Mare, Italy came to an end.

Photography at the event was forbidden in an attempt to keep the ceremony private. 7-8 bodyguards were present and surrounded the singer to keep her protect from the paparazzi and reporters who flocked to the event.

Hikaru wore a full-length, white gown with flowery lace detailing. A hair band with more flower detailing was also worn to accompany the dress.

The cathedral were the wedding ceremony took place was the same one that Calliano’s parents held their wedding. The singer arrive here at 12:20 local time, followed closely behind by Calliano. Japanese-style parasols were used to provide protection from the sun and create a beautiful sight among the crowd.

The wedding started at 12:30 as planned. After the ceremony was over, 3 white doves were released into the air, indicating that the two had officially become husband and wife.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Source : JpopAsia

What type of girlfriend are you? (Based on your bangs style)


When you’re a little unsure about your love interest, what or who do you turn to for advice? Most of us have read one of those horoscope love readings at least once in our lifetime. In Japan, many people believe that a person’s blood type has influence on their personality traits. This may sound slightly silly, but blood type is a factor some Japanese consider when choosing a date.

Recently, however, a new personality prediction trend has been getting popular among girls in Japan. It seems that the way a girl styles her fringe (or bangs) gives away hints about her relationship personality! Guys, you might want to pay more attention to your love interest’s hairstyle from now on!

1. Bangs of average length and thickness


This style suggests that both your mind and body are satisfied. You seem to take initiative not only in relationship matters, but also in other activities such as your hobbies. It might be an understatement to say that you have a strong desire for love. A man who can also be your playmate or hobby-mate might be the best match for you.

2. Thick, straight-cut bangs that cover your forehead

Hiding your forehead suggests that your heart is closed and you are passive towards love relationships. You also secretly wish to be seen as a lovable lady by the people around you. Perhaps you have experienced some sort of trauma in the past, causing you to shut others out. It would probably take a determined, patient man who wouldn’t mind taking the time and effort to slowly pry open your heart in order to be with you.

3. Left-side parting (often seen on idols such as AKB48)


The left side of our body is said to be the “female side”, thus this style suggests that you are inclined towards a feminine thinking process and tend to switch between putting up a front and speaking from your heart. Instead of putting yourself on the line, you prefer to take on supportive roles. You guard your heart carefully and tend to be timid when facing love relationships, which could be why you have difficulty in finding a partner. However, deep down inside, you harbor a desire to gradually bridge the distance that isolates you from guys.

4. Right-side parting


The right side of our body is said to be the “male side”, thus this style suggests that you lean towards a masculine thinking process, often thinking about things in a straightforward manner. This shows that you are comfortable with putting yourself out there and taking the initiative when it comes to matters of the heart. However, being overly ambitious might cause guys to think that you are selfish and always want to have your way. You would probably leave a better impression on soft-spoken, gentle guys, or males who are younger than you.

5. Bangs that sit above your brows


This style shows that you are confident in yourself, and suggests that once you fall for someone, you are likely to go all out to pursue that special someone. You are generally tolerant, but you have a strong desire to be understood by your partner, and that may be the cause of arguments. Due to such a personality, you tend to be attracted to mature guys who are skilful in handling women, or men who are broad-minded and accepting.

6. Centre parting or exposed forehead


This style suggests that you tend to take initiative in communication. You often find yourself setting the flow at mixer parties. Being overly aggressive in making conversation may result in you talking too much. That aside, you generally leave a good impression on guys. You have a soft spot for praises and flattery, and might easily fall for someone who showers you with such words.

Source : 24RocketNews

Morning Musume ’14 to perform for first time in New York City


All-girl pop group Morning Musume’ 14 announced during a concert on Monday night that they will perform for the first time in New York City. The performance is scheduled for Oct 5 at the Best Buy Theater on Broadway.

Morning Musume has performed many times overseas in the past – in 2008 in Taiwan, South Korea and China. In 2009, they appeared in Los Angeles during the Anime Expo, and in 2010 the group sang at the Japan Expo in Paris.

The upcoming concert in New York City is the first time the group has performed overseas in four years. Except for the group’s current leader, Sayumi Michishige, who will be graduating from the group in the fall, this will also be the first time any of the current members have performed abroad, Spots Nippon reported Tuesday.

Following the announcement at the concert at Nakano Sun Plaza in Tokyo, Michishige told the audience, “I am so happy to have one last challenge before leaving the group, and to have a chance to take the current 10 members to NYC. And to those of you who can afford to come all the way to New York, please do so.”

Source : JapanToday.com
Image : Google