Becoming Sailor Moon now as easy as saying “moon prism power, make-up!”

Sailor Moon has taken the anime world by storm this past year with the revamped Sailor Moon Crystal. Ever since it premiered this summer, we’ve gotten Sailor Moon lingerie, tortilla chips, and even a holy grail air freshener, but it’s only recently that we’re finally able to do the one thing we’ve wanted all along: become a sailor scout ourselves.

This Christmas, ACOS Premium brand wigs and the wig-specialty shop airily are teaming up to bring official, pitch-perfect replicas of the hair of five of the sailor scouts. They’ll have Sailor Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter available.

▼ Prices for the wigs are between 10,000 and 14,000 yen (US$80-$120) each, based on the hair’s length, style, and how much you want that specific one.

But any cosplayer worth their makeup knows that you can’t just show up at a convention with a wig and white sheet like the mannequins above and call it a day – you need the rest of the character too. Well ACOS has your back for that – they’re planning on releasing matching costumes for the five scouts in spring 2015. In addition to the skirts, leotards and giant bows, the costume sets will include gloves, boot covers, tiaras, and other accessories.

▼ But until then, the sheets will have to suffice.


ACOS’s official Sailor Moon wig and costume first appeared at the 2014 Yahoo! Search Awards ceremony, where “sailor scout sailor moon” was the most searched term in the fringe “cosplay” category. Here’s a picture from the event with a model sporting the full official Sailor Moon costume.




Wigs/costumes available for pre-order here.


Source : 24RocketNews

Belanja Penuh Hiburan Di Festival Jepang “Plaza Blok M Matsuri”


Belum punya rencana untuk berlibur di akhir tahun? Datang saja ke Plaza Blok M Matsuri dari tanggal 6 Desember 2014 – 11 Januari 2015.
Di acara ini pengunjung bisa menyaksikan berbagai hal mengenai kesenian, budaya dan aneka kuliner khas negeri sakura (Jepang).

Seni dan budaya Jepang yang akan ditampilkan pada acara tersebut seperti Taiko. Seni yang menampilkan atraksi piawai dari para penari dengan tambuhan drum besar ini akan tampil setiap hari Rabu dan Jum’at pukul 17:00 dan 19:00. Kesenian lain yang akan ditampilkan yaitu “Senbonsakura Dance”, akan hadir setiap Selasa dan Kamis pada jam yang sama. Selain itu pengunjung juga bisa berfoto bersama teman atau keluarga dengan interior khas Jepang setiap hari.

Seni beladiri Jepang juga akan ditampilkan di acara ini seperti Aikido pada Kamis 25 Desember 2014 pukul 18:00 – 19:00 dan Iaijutsu pada tanggal 28 Desember 2014 dan 4 Januari 2015 pukul 17:00 – 17:30. Yang tak kalah serunya juga akan ada performance yang membawakan lagu-lagu berbahasa Jepang dari Bina Vokalia Pranadjaja pada tanggal 7, 14, 21, 28 Desember 2014 dan tanggal 4 – 10 Januari 2015 pada pukul 17:00.

Disamping itu pengunjung juga bisa membuat namanya dalam Japanese Caligraphy di acara ini. Yang membuat acara ini semakin heboh adalah di gelarnya berbagai lomba. Seperti lomba Karaoke Japanese Song (6 Desember 2014), Japan Cosplay Manga (14 Desemeber 2014).Cover Dance JPOP (3 Januari 2015), Sushi Eating Competition (6 & 20 Desember 2014), Fried Rice Curry Competition pada 7 & 21 Desember 2014 dan Ramen Eating Competition (13, 14, 27, 28 Desember 2014 dan 4 Januari 2015)

Hiburan lain yang bisa dinikmati pengunjung Plaza Blok M misalnya Idol Fiesta dan Aza Miyuko meet & greet (25 – 26 Desember 2014), workshop membuat boneka Jepang Washi dan Kansashi yaitu hiasan rambut seperti tusuk konde yang disisipkan ke rambut sewaktu memakai kimono (27 – 28 Desember 2014).

Ada juga penampilan Obake Band, band lokal yang membawakan lagu-lagu berbahasa Jepang ini akan hadir tanggal 7 Desember 2014 pukul 15:00 – 17:00. Pada 11 Januari 2015 juga akan digelar Impacnation Festival yang akan menampilkan cosplay, band dan kebudayaan Jepang lainnya sebagai closing ceremony.

Untuk mencicipi aneka kuliner khas Jepang, pengunjung bisa mencobanya di booth Sushi Kios, Gokana Ramen dan IchipanYa. Sedangkan untuk bermain game Taiko & Samurai bisa ditemukan di booth Amazone.

Jadi segeralah datang ke Plaza Blok M, untuk berbelanja sambil menikmati aneka hiburan dan dekorasi yang menarik.

Kana Nishino Launches Line Of Halloween Products


Kana Nashino launched her own line of Halloween products on September 5th, calling it the “HALLOWEEN COLLECTION STORE”.

The online store features a variety Halloween-themed products produced by Nishino herself. Clothing, knick-knacks and make up are all part of the collection.

On October 26 & 27, Nishino will be holding a series of live concerts at the Tokyo International Forum Hall. The concerts will have a Halloween theme to tie in with her Halloween collection.


[PICS] The amazing makeup skills of Zawachin

“Through makeup I want to become unbelievably cute!” Hasn’t every girl had this thought at some point? In Japan there are words like “seikeikyuu meiku (cosmetic surgery-level makeup)” and countless features on makeup techniques designed to conceal problem areas. But now, the queen of makeup techniques, “Zawachin” has hit the big time.

Almost overnight, Zawachin was showered with attention for her monomane meiku (imitation makeup) which made her look exactly like popular former AKB48 member Tomomi Itano. Currently, there isn’t a day when one cannot see her on television or in magazines. Zawachin’s makeup techniques not only easily cross over the borders of “cute transformation”, but also those of ethnicity and gender, allowing her to become completely different people.






suppin taki


Originally, Zawachin’s appearance lacked distinction, with droopy double eyelids and a low nose bridge (How rude!). Which is why it’s surprising that she was able to, through the power of makeup, transform not just into a popular idol but also a world-famous top model.

There are two important points for monomane meiku: shaping the eyebrows and getting the eyelid folds to look exactly like those of the famous person. In order to do that, one must first cover up their eyebrows with concealer and then draw on new ones on top. In the case of transforming into a man with thicker, darker eyebrows, black eyelash mascara containing fibers is added. In order to create the eyelid folds, a special product called “Mezaik” is used to adjust the shape/style of the eyelids accordingly. Mezaik is a product that uses long, thin fibers that stick to the eyelid and allow one to make new folds in the skin.

Using those techniques freely, Zawachin is able to transform herself into a lot of different characters. However, her technique has one flaw; she never shows her mouth. Whenever Zawachin displays her monomane meiku, does she realize that she seems to be is always hiding her mouth using things like her hands or a surgical mask? It seems that no matter what technique she uses, changing the shape of the mouth has proven difficult.


Source : 24RocketNewsEnglish

What type of girlfriend are you? (Based on your bangs style)


When you’re a little unsure about your love interest, what or who do you turn to for advice? Most of us have read one of those horoscope love readings at least once in our lifetime. In Japan, many people believe that a person’s blood type has influence on their personality traits. This may sound slightly silly, but blood type is a factor some Japanese consider when choosing a date.

Recently, however, a new personality prediction trend has been getting popular among girls in Japan. It seems that the way a girl styles her fringe (or bangs) gives away hints about her relationship personality! Guys, you might want to pay more attention to your love interest’s hairstyle from now on!

1. Bangs of average length and thickness


This style suggests that both your mind and body are satisfied. You seem to take initiative not only in relationship matters, but also in other activities such as your hobbies. It might be an understatement to say that you have a strong desire for love. A man who can also be your playmate or hobby-mate might be the best match for you.

2. Thick, straight-cut bangs that cover your forehead

Hiding your forehead suggests that your heart is closed and you are passive towards love relationships. You also secretly wish to be seen as a lovable lady by the people around you. Perhaps you have experienced some sort of trauma in the past, causing you to shut others out. It would probably take a determined, patient man who wouldn’t mind taking the time and effort to slowly pry open your heart in order to be with you.

3. Left-side parting (often seen on idols such as AKB48)


The left side of our body is said to be the “female side”, thus this style suggests that you are inclined towards a feminine thinking process and tend to switch between putting up a front and speaking from your heart. Instead of putting yourself on the line, you prefer to take on supportive roles. You guard your heart carefully and tend to be timid when facing love relationships, which could be why you have difficulty in finding a partner. However, deep down inside, you harbor a desire to gradually bridge the distance that isolates you from guys.

4. Right-side parting


The right side of our body is said to be the “male side”, thus this style suggests that you lean towards a masculine thinking process, often thinking about things in a straightforward manner. This shows that you are comfortable with putting yourself out there and taking the initiative when it comes to matters of the heart. However, being overly ambitious might cause guys to think that you are selfish and always want to have your way. You would probably leave a better impression on soft-spoken, gentle guys, or males who are younger than you.

5. Bangs that sit above your brows


This style shows that you are confident in yourself, and suggests that once you fall for someone, you are likely to go all out to pursue that special someone. You are generally tolerant, but you have a strong desire to be understood by your partner, and that may be the cause of arguments. Due to such a personality, you tend to be attracted to mature guys who are skilful in handling women, or men who are broad-minded and accepting.

6. Centre parting or exposed forehead


This style suggests that you tend to take initiative in communication. You often find yourself setting the flow at mixer parties. Being overly aggressive in making conversation may result in you talking too much. That aside, you generally leave a good impression on guys. You have a soft spot for praises and flattery, and might easily fall for someone who showers you with such words.

Source : 24RocketNews

Brazilian “human Ken doll”

A Brazilian cosmetic surgery addict admits that he has spent around US$150,000 chasing the dream of looking like a Ken doll come to life.

Rodrigo Alves, who recently acknowledged that he suffers from body dysmorphia and is seeking therapy, says he’s undergone around 20 separate surgeries to achieve his goal. Just some of the operations included: arm fillers and pectoral implants, ab implants, calf reshaping, numerous nose jobs, botox injections and several rounds of liposuction. Presumably he also paid good money on eye surgery to get that perfect Ken doll “soulless gaze.”





Of course, body dysmorphia is no laughing matter and it’s often implicated in triggering eating disorders and runaway cosmetic surgery addictions, so it’s good to see one of these “living dolls” actually seeking treatment that doesn’t involve a scalpel.

Still, Alves’ entry in the competition for “most doll-like person alive” means that “Human Barbie” Valeria Lukyanova and the original “Human Ken Doll,” Justin Jedlica, have a new contender to worry about. Those two still don’t seem to see a problem with their rampant surgery addictions and insistence that air and sunlight are people food.



Source : 24rocketnews