[PICS] Early 20th century women torturing themselves for beauty

In the name of beauty and fashion, women will jump through some extreme hoops, and always have. Throughout history, the quest for beauty and status has taken on many different forms, ranging from corsets, teeth blackening (ohaguro), foot binding and rubbing arsenic on the face to achieve the kind of aristocratic pale complexion which meant you had never seen a day’s work outside in the sun. These days, it’s Brazilian waxes, eyebrow threading, ridiculous high heels and either fake tan or whitening. Let’s not even get started on the surgical procedures you can now undergo to become an idealized identikit Barbie! At the dentist recently, I was offered Botox or collagen lip filler. Well, if you’re getting stuff injected into your face already, why not

beauty16 beauty11 beauty13 beauty6 beauty9 beauty12 beauty4 beauty7 beauty8 beauty10 beauty15 beauty5 beauty1 beauty3 beauty17 beauty14 beauty2

Wow, those do look painful and unnatural. I believe the best beauty treatments ever invented are a good night’s sleep, an intense workout and eating your veggies. But I’d also submit to a spa escape with exfoliation, relaxation massage, mud wrap and mani-pedi.

Source : 24RocketNews

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