AAA’s Ito Chiaki releases sexy photo book


AAA’s Ito Chiaki (27) held the release event for her new photo book “DESTRUCTION” at Tokyo’s Fukuya Book Store Shinjuku Subnade Branch on April 27.

The photo book was shot in studio at the end of January and showcases a side of Ito that is usually not seen in AAA, such as her making funny faces, close-ups of her without makeup and her dressed in grown-up lingerie.

About her lingerie shots, Ito commented with a smile, “Maybe it’s because I am in a co-ed group, but I don’t feel that embarrassed about it at all. It was fun.”

However, when asked if she would mind showing the photo book to the five male members in AAA, she said shyly, “There are also some sexy shots in there. It might be embarrassing to show them the completed photo book. I guess I still see the members as guys after all though I usually don’t feel it.”



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