Bras and panties for men (!)

Japanese shopping site Rakuten has offer you bras and panties for men. The online retailer – the beautifully named Wish Room Men’s – have released their new spring range. We are pleased to announce that it’s even pinker, frillier, and more adorable than ever!

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Japanese Twitter users were intrigued, and on the whole very encouraging, about the idea of men’s bras:

“Never seen that before!”

“Men’s bras – I totally get it. But why do they need to have sets?”

“These men’s bras are cute!”

“New men’s bras! Hey, you should wear one J-san [name redacted by Twitter user]. Go on J-san, wear one. No need to be shy. I’ve left your name out! No one will know who I’m talking about!”

Men’s Wish products are specially designed to be comfortable on a larger frame, so no more squeezing into ladies’ underwear for you, my friend (unless that’s your thing)!

So, JapanAddicters, what do you think? x)

Source : 24rocknetnews


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