Pesona, modern office building in Japan and also there’s a farming ground inside!

Creating agricultural systems in a busy country in Japan is almost impossible. Considering limited space in Japan. But, however this limitation is not an obstacle to making urban agriculture. An extraordinary concept of urban agriculture emerged in Japan. Not only the exterior of the building is greened, inside the building there are also agricultural land which can actually produce fruit and vegetables.

In the midst of busy financial district office buildings in Tokyo, this building is called Pasona, a multi-national recruitment company. When a company is in need of a new office, they hire a famous architect Japan Yoshimi Kono to help renovate, building 9 floors and decorate with ‘fertility’ and green walls.

Not only limited to the exterior of the building, greening was also conducted in the building. There is an urban agriculture facility that occupies approximately 20% of all office space covers 200 types of fruits, vegetables and rice. Office workers in turn helps maintain and harvest crops. Most of the agricultural products will be presented at the office canteen.

Using hydroponic farming systems, crop share office space and employees. For example, tomato plants hanging over the conference table, which is used as a partition tree space for meetings, salad leaves that grow in the seminar room and bean sprouts that grow under the bench. The main lobby is also equipped with rice and broccoli fields. The plant is equipped with HEFL, fluorescent and LED lighting and automatic irrigation systems.

An advanced technology air humidity is able to control the climate, temperature and wind to balance human comfort during working hours and to optimize plant growth after business hours. The technology used to maximize results. All plants are maintained and harvested by employees assisted by agricultural experts.

Pasona urban farm system does not only show the beauty and visual aesthetics. Pasona is a superb concept how to create a comfortable working environment to improve productivity and mental health of employees who work in this place. Besides the existence of charm can be a means to establish social interactions that involve the wider community to showcase the benefits of urban agriculture and technology.


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“Wakamono Kotoba” Japanese Teenagers Wording.


This time JapanAddict decided to discus about language that Japanese teenagers usually use for their daily conversation. The common language that they usually use is called 若者 (wakamono) “young” and 言葉 (kotoba) “word” / Wakamono Kotoba. Here are some words that they commonly use in their daily life.

1. Chou (超)
It reflects “Very” like example : ちょ可愛い “Cho Kawaii” (So Cute). Cho has the same meaning like Hontou ni (本当に) or monosugoku (もの凄く)

2. Maji (マジ)
Maji means “Serious” or it more tends to “Are you serious?” Maji is from the word “Maji De” (まじで) but Japanese teens like to say it only “Maji?” but you can use it for this kind of sentence マジで私に恋しなさい!!(Please love me seriously)

3. Kimoi (キモイ)
Kimoi means “Gross” kimoi is a shorten term of 気持ち悪い (Kimochi Warui) is to reflect something that unpleasant.

4. Saboru (サボる)
Saboru means truant.

5. Arienai (ありえない)
Means “impossible” it has the same meaning like (無理) muri or 信じられない (Shinjirarenai) – unbelievable.

6. Saikou (さいこう)
Saikou is the expression to something that is really really really great. For example : このバンドのライブは最高!(The band LIVE is so GREAT)

7. Imechen suru (イメチェンする)
Means changing an image.

8. Ikemen (イケメン)
Means cool guy. Boys that are good looking.


Some extra words :
1. uwaki otoko : Boys who likes cheating on their gf
2. uwaki onna : Girls who likes cheating on their bf
3. otokotarashi : Playboy
4. onnatarashi : Playgirl
5. hitomebore : Love at first sight
6. ai shitemo ii? : Can I love you?
7. boku no soba ni ite kurenai? : Do you want to be by my side?
8. puropoozu shitemo ii? : Can I propose you?
9. tada anata o aishiteru : I only love you
10. anata ni aete, yokatta : I’m lucky to meet you
11. hanaretakunai : I don’t want to break up with you
12. anata ni deatte, yokatta : I’m lucky to know you
13. mou wakareta : Already broke up
14. tsumanne : Boring
15. mendoukusaina : Lazy
16. akiramenna : Don’t give up
17. namaiki iun ja nee yo : Don’t be conceited
18. nani atta no? : What’s wrong?
19. kawaisou : pity
20. Suman : Sorry

That’s a wrap! 😀 Hope this article will be helpful to any of you guys! 🙂

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Foods that formed as Panda

Although pandas originally come from Japan’s neighbors to the east, the country has welcomed the cuddly creatures with open arms, putting them on anything from clothing to cars. But we’re most impressed by the panda’s ability to assimilate into Japanese food, taking over our meals and turning them into an adorable experience. Let’s take a look at 15 delicious pandas from Japan.

Napoli Panda Burgers from Lotteria (only available at the Ueno Park store)


They come in a cute panda wrapper



Panda Box Available at Lotteria Japan

Panda Pan (Panda Bread)






Panda Rice



Panda Ice Cream


Japanese homemade flour dumpling

Japanese confectionery with red bean paste filling


Special panda lunch special at Green Salon in Ueno. The set comes with panda curry, latte, and cookies.


Panda Curry Rice from the food court at Adventure World in Wakayama Prefecture.


Little fluffy pandas from Cozy Corner bakery.



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Alice Nine has revealed the date and location for a 10th anniversary live


Alice Nine has revealed the date and location for a 10th anniversary live after the mysterious counter on their OHP clocked down to zero. The five will perform at Fuji-Q Highland—to a capacity of 10,000 people—on August 23th.

The big news was announced in the midst of Alice Nine’s wave of activity, including their first album in approximately two years, titled “Supernova”, which was released on 3/19, as well as their iTunes download debut of that same album worldwide in 35 countries, including Europe, America, and China. Tickets for this performance will go on sale starting from June 14th. Additional details regarding the show are to be announced in the coming days.

Along with the release of their new album came also the release of their new look. In addition, teaser footage that is sure to get you tingling with anticipation for the upcoming nationwide tour (starting April), Asia tour (starting 5/30), as well as the Fujikyu Highland Conifer Forest performance, has also been released so be sure to check that out as well.


■iTunes Download – 35 Countries
Australia / Austria / Belgium / Brazil / Brunei / Cambodia / Denmark / Finland / France / Germany / Greece / Hong Kong / Hungary / India / Indonesia / Ireland / Italy / Laos / Macau / Malaysia / Netherlands / New Zealand / Norway / Poland / Portugal / Singapore /Spain / Sri Lanka / Sweden / Switzerland / Taiwan / Thailand / United Kingdom / Philippines / Vietnam

<Alice Nine First ASIA TOUR>
5/30(Fri) Shenzhen
5/31(Sat) Guangzhou
6/2(Mon) Wuhan
6/5(Thu) Beijing
6/7(Sat) Shanghai
6/8(Sun) Shanghai
6/10(Tue) Chongqing
6/12(Thu) Xiamen
6/14(Sat) Taichung
6/15(Sun) Taipei
6/28(Sat) Singapore
6/29(Sun) Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
7/1(Tue) Hong Kong
7/5(Sat) Seoul Korea

Tour video trailer

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flumpool Sees Feature on “Bessatsu Kadokawa” Tracing Their History Since Debut


flumpool, who are in their 5th debut anniversary year now, will be releasing their greatest hits album, “The Best 2008-2014 ‘MONUMENT’”, on May 21. In commemoration of the album’s release, “Bessatsu Kadokawa” would be compiling a feature article on flumpool on its May 23 release.

“Bessatsu Kadokawa” is known for dedicating an entire issue to a single artist. In addition to a retrospective interview with each member of the band concerning their career that began in 2008, the article would feature commentaries by them on their greatest hits album, live shows, artworks and music videos. Furthermore, there would be messages from big-name figures within the various businesses. This would be a comprehensive release covering the band’s 5-year career in detail.

flumpool will begin their first national tour in two years, <flumpool 5th Anniversary tour 2014 ‘MOMENT’”, on April 19.

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L’Arc~en~Ciel Currently Airing Opening Video For All 18 Blu-ray Works on YouTube For Limited-Time-Only


The standard version of L’Arch~en~Ciel’s 18 live Blu-ray rereleases were released on March 19. With this, opening videos for all titles are available for viewing now on YouTube for a limited-time-only.

The video is currently available at “L’arc~en~Ciel Live Eizou Ikkyo Blu-ray Ka! Special Website” along with the photo gallery. The opening scenes capture the essence of each live show; don’t forget to check them out.

L’Arc~en~Ciel will be holding their < L’Arc~en~Ciel LIVE 2014 at JAPAN SPORT COUNCIL> at JAPAN SPORT COUNCIL on March 21(Fri) and 22 (Sat). This second show at JAPAN SPORT COUNCIL would be their first in 22 months since their final concert for <WORLD TOUR 2012>, which was held in 10 countries and attracted more than 450,000 people. Tickets for both days have sold out.

Live viewing events for the concert are scheduled to be held in theaters across the country in addition to those in the US, Latin America, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Fans across the globe will be able to share the excitement of watching L’Arc~en~Ciel’s spectacular live show.

L’Arc~en~Ciel Live Eizou Ikkyo Blu-ray Ka Special Website

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